LPPFusion in London Art / Science Show

Lpp in londonjpg | lpp fusion
LPPFusion Chief Scientist Lerner (in front of green door) appears to be virtually transported to London in this image from the Periastra exhibit, using video shot at LPPFusion’s lab in Middlesex, NJ.

LPPFusion was among the participants in the Periastra exhibition at the APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, London SE8 4SA. As described on their website “Periastra is a hybrid exhibition where artists and astrophysicists are invited to share each other’s modes of exploring the world of celestial phenomena. Often thought of as mutually exclusive, there are sometimes surprising similarities in terms of the aspiration and expression of curiosity. The participants in this show have been identified through their interest in crossing this boundary and the result is an intriguing and visually rich interpretation of each other’s’ fields of research. “


LPPFusion’s part in the exhibition describes how key concepts in our fusion work were derived from research in astrophysics and includes video from our lab projected life-size on the gallery wall, creating the illusion that the lab is an extension of the gallery. The exhibition was free and ran from Feb 3 to Feb 13.








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