Board of Advisors

LPPF’s Board of Advisors was established in May 2011 to help us make wise business decisions. Our advisors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have valuable business experience and an interest in seeing LPPF succeed.

R. Brent Alderfer is President and Founder of Community Energy, which builds renewable energy projects and successfully led the expansion of wind generation in the Northeast ten years ago. Prior to forming Community Energy, Brent served as a Colorado Public Utility Commissioner where he developed a national reputation as a leading champion of renewable energy. An electrical engineer and a lawyer, he practiced commercial law for fifteen years, representing development-stage companies. Brent holds an electrical engineering degree from Northeastern University, and a law degree from Georgetown University.

Aaron Blake joined LPPF in February 2005. He transitioned from Chief Financial Officer to Board of Advisors member in 2013. He proposed the idea of injecting angular momentum into the plasma filaments, which was written into the patent. He received his B.A. in Social Work from Boise State University in 1999 and his MBA in 2005 from Trident University International. He served in the USAF for 9 years as a manpower and personnel officer prior to joining LPPF full time, including leadership positions such as flight commander, executive officer to a wing commander, squadron section commander (2X), and chief of general officer matters at HQ USCENTCOM. He deployed to Bogota, Colombia, in 2007 as an operations officer and chief of the personnel accountability center. He founded two successful startup companies in the 90s.

Paul Breed

Allan Brewer BSc and PhD from University of Bristol, UK – Computational Biochemistry. Partner in 2 successful startup companies – software product development. Experienced in IT, Financial and Estate management.

Edward Conway has over a decade of experience advising and managing investments in the City of London. His experience spans both traditional and alternative asset classes, with particular emphasis on the application of the scientific method to investment processes. His hedge fund experience includes management of a statistical arbitrage hedge fund and a global fund of hedge funds, as well as development and trading of systematic futures strategies. He holds a BA (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Mathematical Finance from the University of Oxford.

Rudolph “Rudy” Fritsch has been President of Allsteel, a manufacturer of industrial metal-forming equipment, for 15 years. He was born in Hungary in 1947, and emigrated to Canada during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. As an engineer and entrepreneur, he ran a successful family business in Canada for decades, at its peak employing over 100 workers. He is an advocate of Austrian economics and a student of Professor Antal Fekete.

Tom Kenney has over 16 years of experience with company start-ups and investments. He is a co-founder of Netburner, Inc., previous member of the Tech Coast Angels, and serves as an adviser to several high-tech companies and financial institutions.

Jonathan Kolber is a respected economist and writer about emerging technologies and business practices. He was a co-founder and CEO of Hide and Seek Technologies, co-founder and VP of Space Energy Access Systems, and served as Editor of “The Emerging Capital Report,” an international investment advisory letter. His work has been featured in The Daily Reckoning.

He travels widely to attend technology seminars and meet with experts in emerging technologies. Currently, he writes promotional stories for outstanding small public companies and consults to firms on their strategic and marketing plans. He is also rewriting Adam Smith’s treatise known as “The Wealth of Nations” for a modern audience, and served as editor of the forthcoming book “New Money for a New World”.

Dr. Charles Lewis has served as the director of a medical technology incubator for many years, and now works as a biomedical technology consultant for emerging companies. His experience includes work in new product development, including intellectual property development and patent writing, developing product specifications, designing control algorithms, materials sourcing, and working with electronic and mechanical engineers in design and preparation for manufacturing. He also has experience working with regulatory compliance.

Alvin Samuels founded Ironite Products Company, Gas Sweetener Associates, and The Sulfatreat Company which he subsequently sold to Schlumberger/Smith Industries, a major oilfield service company. Previously he was a Staff Drilling Engineer for the Shell Oil Company, Offshore West Division, and advisor to their deep-drilling study group. Mr. Samuels has extensive experience with some of the most dangerous wells ever drilled. He has many years of extensive experience in oil-drilling engineering, well-head treating of gas and hydrocarbons, and research and development. He was directly involved in every aspect of research, development, marketing and sales. He holds more than twenty patents related to reactions with hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, oxygen and various iron oxide compounds.

Jonathan Wilfong completed BSc at Duke University, Durham, NC in three areas: Mathematics, Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science. A recipient of IBM’s highest recognition, Outstanding Technical Achievement, his later work as a software architect ranged from Matsushita to a small startup in the early tablet computer field. Currently he does technology and business consulting, provides life and career coaching, and works with several non-profits. He is a member of the Strategic Advisors Council for NatureServe, a global provider of data and science promoting biodiversity.









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