Focus Fusion Energy Generator

LPPFusion’s mission is to provide environmentally safe, clean, cheap and unlimited energy for everyone through the development of Focus Fusion generators, based on the Dense Plasma Focus device and the aneutronic, hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel. It is far superior to competing technologies.

Watch this explainer video to see how our Focus Fusion experimental generator works. Our current experimental device is FF-2B. Our first device, FF-1 was renamed after its electrodes were changed from tungsten (W) to beryllium (Be) and other major modifications were made to prepare it for use with hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel. 

The core of the Focus Fusion generator are these electrodes which “focus” the filaments from within the plasma in the chamber into a single point, called plasmoid, where fusion reactions take place.  So far, we have been experimenting with experimental gases only which give lower fusion energy output yield. 

Focus fusion energy plasmoid | lpp fusion
Pb11 reaction 1 | lpp fusion
Electrodes4 1 | lpp fusion
Small focues fusion device electrodes w electron beam and blue sheath n filaments | lpp fusion

Once we develop the higher voltage switch technology, needed to ignite the fusion reactions, we will start experimenting with the ultimate high density nuclear pB11 fuel which will produce much higher fusion energy yield. The reasons for a high yield expectation are the known energy density of pB11 fuel, its higher intrinsic reaction rate and better compression, leading to higher plasma density, further increasing fusion reactions rate. This pB11 fuel is the ideal aneutronic fuel  that  many other fusion energy researchers around the world are also attempting to commercialize. With the approach we are using we can get help from the Quanatum Magnetic Field Effect, which prevents x-rays from pB11 fuel from cooling it down.

Energy density times black impact | lpp fusion

We are working to demonstrate the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion experimental generators at our laboratory in Middlesex, NJ.  See our Experimental Goals and our Focus Fusion research Timelines and Milestone pages for details.

The impact of powering the world with the clean fusion energy can change the world-wide finance, environment and it can elevate the quality of life for all.  This video envisions the bright future possibilities with fusion energy as a primary energy source.








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