About LPPFusion

LPPFusion’s main technology is Focus Fusion, a fusion energy generator that we are researching and developing. Our spin-off technology is X-scan inspection technology. Our Focus Fusion R&D project was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is now backed by over 1000 private international investors including the Abell Foundation of Baltimore.

LPPFusion’s patented technology and peer-reviewed science are guiding the design of our fusion energy based visions of future; a future where humans and planet come before profits. LPPFusion’s nuclear fusion generators will produce safe and clean energy without any radioactive waste.  Focus Fusion energy generators can produce virtually unlimited source of environmentally clean energy thanks to the abundance of hydrogen and boron (pB11) fuel and because of its high energy density.

Peace fusion excited carbon 12 | lpp fusion
Our experimental results are far ahead of any other private fusion effort and almost as good as the largest government efforts.
Fusion energy density fuel 2 trucks jar | lpp fusion

Our approach at LPPFusion differs from most fusion power projects in that we are aiming to use aneutronic, or radioactive waste-free fuels in a device called the dense plasma focus or DPF. Because this device focuses the filaments within the plasma gas inside its vacuum chamber into a tiny fusion producing ball, or plasmoid, we refer to this combination of fuel type and device as “Focus Fusion.”

While fusion derives its energy from the nucleus, it is a very different process from what is commonly referred to as “nuclear power,” which is more accurately described as “fission power.”









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