Planning for Crowdfunding Campaign Underway


LPP and Focus Fusion Society will, in the next few months, be initiating a major crowd-funding project to help fund our work to achieve inexpensive, clean, eco-safe and abundant energy. We need volunteers to help us teach the world about this great project. We need YOU!

We have come a long way in the past few years and many of you have contributed a great deal of time and energy. Our private investors have been crucial to our progress, and we can’t thank them enough for getting us this far. Completing the demonstration of the scientific feasibility of our focus fusion approach—getting more energy out than we put in– requires a new approach to funding.

Our fusion research is now the closest of any in the world to achieving aneutronic fusion–fusion with no radioactive waste. (See our presentation at Google’s Solve for X Fusion Brainstorming Conference and a longer presentation last year). Our scientific peers see this work as important—our paper announcing record-breaking results was the most read of the last year in the field’s leading journal. But, despite this progress, we need more resources to achieve net energy in a year.

This is your chance to personally make a difference in the future of energy and power production. By pursuing a crowd-funding project, we will be injecting additional funding into the final milestones of the work being done. We will also spread the word to a larger group of people interested in funding the research needed for safe, clean, abundant and inexpensive energy.

With your help on this project, we hope to teach hundreds of thousands of people around the world about aneutronic fusion.  To help us launch this project, we need to figure out who wants to help and how you wish to volunteer your talents. Your ideas are important and we need to hear from you. And we need you to start spreading the word NOW to get others involved—starting with just two or three people you know and re-posting this announcement.

Right now we need people to help with videos, educational articles, blogs and stories and, above all, in getting the word out to hundreds of websites and thousands of people who care about the impact of clean energy on the environment, for ending world poverty, for peace and for the future of all of us.

If you can help, tell us what you can do to teach others, email us at

We will have more announcements as details come together.

Thanks, and stay tuned!

By Eric Lerner









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