International Business Times, Asia Times Cover LPPFusion

In a Nov.20 article in the widely-read International Business Times, Joe James writes “the small fusion company that has gotten closest to getting more energy out of the device than is put into it is LPPFusion, in the U.S. They have spent millions, not billions, of dollars to achieve this progress. They are using devices that are far smaller and cheaper than NIF or ITER. LPPFusion’s FF-2B device weighs 3 tons, far smaller than ITER’s 400,000 tons.”

This is the first time in 2023 that a mass-circulation media outlet has recognized what we’ve reported in peer-reviewed journals: right now, LPPFusion is the leader in getting scientific results leading to cheap, clean, safe, unlimited and decentralized fusion energy.

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We got more mass media coverage on December 3, when Asia Times published the first of a three-part series by LPPFusion’s Lerner on “The Big Bang never happened – so what did? Cosmic evolution without mythology”. In this series, Lerner explains how the evolution of the universe can be explained without dark matter, dark energy, inflation, cosmic expansion or the Big Bang—and why it matters in the here and now. “Perhaps most critically, “Lerner writes, “some of the key processes that explain the evolution of the cosmos can be harnessed here on Earth, specifically for the production of fusion energy – cheap, clean, safe and unlimited energy to replace fossil fuels.”

A second part,  “Fusion from filaments on Earth and in the cosmos”, published Dec.11, describes how huge filaments of current, similar to but vastly larger than those in our FF-2B device, interacted with gravitation to form the hierarchy of stars, galaxies cluster and superclusters of galaxies we now see in the cosmos. A third part, to be published in January, will describe the present phase of cosmic evolution, dominated by the fusion energy we intend to capture here.








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