Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding Passes Half-Way— Over $560,000 Raised

Thanks to over 260 far-sighted investors, LPPFusion’s equity crowdfunding on Wefunder has now raised over $560,000, over half way to the one million dollars needed to quicken our research for safe, clean, cheap and unlimited energy! The campaign, started Nov. 9 is now approaching the three-month mark. LPPFusion expects to wind up the campaign in April.


Unlike previous share rounds, this crowdfunding round is open to all, everywhere. The minimum investment is $1,000, considerably less than the $5,000 minimum of LPPF’s Regulation D offering. The shares are at the same $125 price as in the Regulation D offering. The Regulation D offering is also ongoing.


“We are offering shares both ways,” explains LPPF President and Chief Scientist Eric J. Lerner. “We get the Regulation D money right now—and we always need money!—while the crowdfunding money we will only get at the end of the campaign. So, if you are not a US citizen or resident and want to invest more than $5,000, we encourage you to contact us through the “investor” tab on our website for direct investment. The same goes for US accredited investors. Everyone else we invite to invest through Wefunder.com.”


The campaign has already raised well over the minimum goal of $400,000, achieved Dec. 22. So this means LPPF will certainly be getting at least the minimum money our project needs to move on to our critical experiments with beryllium electrodes. But the full million dollars is needed for us to hire another researcher, and to buy critical long-lead-time items, so that we can accelerate our research. Thanks to all who have made this possible!


Focus fusion crowdfunding happening on wefunder. Com


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