Wefunder Drive Passes $150,000—We Need to Go Faster to $200,000!

Three months into our 2024 Wefunder capital campaign we’ve raised $150,000 from 169 investors. Thanks to all, including Dewayne Higgs who just put us over $150 G! However, we are way behind schedule in raising this money, as we had planned on raising about $100,000 a month. Since we spend about $60,000 a month, to get ahead, we need $100,000 a month. To hire two more full-time people, who we really need, takes even more money. Let’s get to the next goal of $200,000 in just 15 days, by June 25! If you want to see faster results in the lab, help us hire more people. If you have not invested, please do. If you have, let others know about us. You can see our Wefunder page and invest here.








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