Wefunder Capital Drive Raises $683,000

102021_second unnumbered

Two days after this year’s first fusion shot, LPPFusion successfully concluded out third Wefunder crowdfunding investment campaign. Thanks to all who invested! We raised $683,000 from 816 investors in a whopping 48 countries. We welcome all new investors to the effort to build a fusion energy future. We greatly appreciate repeat investments from our previous investors. All of you will be receiving our newsletter by email, starting with this one. We’ll be in touch next month with those of you who earned virtual group tours.

Thanks to changes in SEC regulations, we will be able to start a new Wefunder campaign in the relatively near future, so stay tuned for announcements. In the meantime, we are still accepting investments from accredited investors, with a $6,000 (40-share) minimum investment. If interested, email us at invest@lppfusion.com.

This piece is part of the Oct 15, 2021 report. To download the report click here.








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