Wefunder Campaign Launched!

Dear Focus Fusion Supporters,


LPPFusion’s long-awaited equity crowdfunding campaign has now started! Through the Wefunder site, anyone can now buy LPPFusion shares. We aim to raise a minimum of $400,000. That is what we need to get any of the money. Our maximum goal is the $1 million that we are allowed to raise under SEC regulations.


Due to SEC regulations, we will only be accepting investments from 500 investors through this crowdfunding. This is because the SEC requires that companies with more than 500 non-accredited investors and $25 million in assets must have a public offering — must become listed on a stock market. We expect that in the course of our development phases, which requires a lot more capital than the present research phase, we will likely have more than $25 million in capital. But going to a public offering at that time, before we have a working prototype generator, will be a costly diversion. Instead we want to choose when we make a public offering. For that reason, we will not go over the 500 limit. This also led us to choose the minimum investment limit, so we would have a good chance of reaching $1 million with fewer than 500 investors.


If more than 500 investors make offers to buy shares, we will have to reject some of these offers. Since everyone will be buying at the same price per share, we will chose the 500 who are buying the most shares. If we have to choose between people who are buying the exact same number of shares, we will chose those who made the offer first. So, if you do intend to invest, there is a benefit to doing so promptly. You will, however, have the opportunity to change the number of shares you buy before we close, and, on the Wefunder website, you can see if we are getting close to the 500 limit.


So, I hope you will visit us on the Wefunder site!


For fusion,

Eric Lerner









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