Website Upgrade Underway

Our IT team has reconfigured and migrated our website onto a new server with the latest plugins, and increased security. In the process, we’ve made numerous content updates, rewriting many pages to address new developments. We’ve moved our image gallery onto a professional photography site, LPPFusion gallery, where we can continue to upload images showing our research and development progress in high resolution, thus allowing greater detail for your understanding of our work. We now have most of our video content on our Youtube channel and all our media content is easily findable and shareable via the updated social links on both sides of each webpage.

LPPFusion’s website is large, covering not only the core Focus Fusion experimental R&D information from our lab and relevant fusion related news around the world, but also connecting the science and the history of fusion energy research with the impact of fusion energy on the environment and with its positive social benefits to humanity. Keeping a website with over 600 pages continually updated with the latest content is like continuously editing a book. Creating relevant PR, video and image content for the website and various media outlets is too much for our small team. To keep this job manageable, over the last six months LPPFusion Chief Information Officer and Director of Communications Ivy Karamitsos-Zivkovic has built a small group of collaborators to keep the site up-to-date and maintain the PR. We’d like to thank our fan investors Alex Loseman and Josh Brimdyr for their support and help with finding talent. And we’d like to thank Dejan Simurdic for his help regarding the PR outreach as well. Please note, we are still adding more pages back onto the site, as we are updating them, so feel free to report any mistakes, or non-working links that may have escaped us.

New website june 2022 | lpp fusion









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