Upgraded Vacuum Chamber Designed and Ordered

As part of LPPFusion’s preparations for our upcoming experiments with beryllium electrodes and pB11 fuel, we are upgrading our experimental equipment. Research Physicist Syed Hassan has completed a re-design of our vacuum chamber. The key change is to enlarge and reposition the viewing windows. The chamber will now have three six-inch windows, instead of just one, and they will be positioned so as to give a full view of the electrodes and the insulator that separates them. This will not only allow our instruments better access, it will also ensure that we will be able to experiment for a longer time without breaking vacuum and changing the windows. During a shot, two of the three windows will be protected by shutters, while the instruments observe the shot through the third. This will prevent the two protected ones from any coating that, over time, might build up to the point that observations are interfered with. This is especially important during the experiments with hydrogen boron fuel, as some of the boron may coat the optics. The new chamber, shown below is now being manufactured. It will then be coated with titanium nitride and should be ready for installation by early June.


Lppfusion's new vacuum chamber design has three windows


This news piece is part of the first April, 2018 report. To download the report click here.








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