LPPFusion’s main technology is Focus Fusion, a fusion energy generator that we are researching and developing. Our spin-off technology is X-scan inspection technology.

Nuclear fusion powers all the stars in the universe.  Since the 1940’s, the pursuit of fusion power for the benefit of all humankind has been among the most important challenges of scientific research. Today, the promise of fully developing fusion power is enormous. It would yield an essentially infinite energy supply without carbon emissions, without radioactive wastes, and without bio-hazardous threats to the safety of the planet and its inhabitants.

A fusion reaction occurs when two nuclei of atoms collide with such force that they, at least briefly, stick together or fuse. Sometimes they immediately break apart forming other nuclei. But the key point is that these reactions happen between the electrically-charged nuclei that release large amounts of energy.

Our approach at LPPFusion differs from most fusion power projects in that we are aiming to use aneutronic, or radioactive waste-free, fuels in a device called the dense plasma focus or DPF. Because this device focuses the filaments within the plasma gas inside its vacuum chamber into a tiny fusion producing ball, or plasmoid, we refer to this combination of fuel type and device as “Focus Fusion.”

While fusion derives its energy from the nucleus, it is a very different process from what is commonly referred to as “nuclear power,” which is more accurately described as “fission power.”








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