Publicity for Hydrogen-Boron Fusion

Popular knowledge of aneutronic fusion using hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel took a step forward in December when science news outlets, and at least one newspaper, the UK’s Daily Mail, reported on research by Dr. Heinrich Hora and colleagues into laser-drive pB11 fusion. Dr. Hora’s group has been working for some years on this approach, as LPPF has reported in this newsletter. LPPF researchers have collaborated with some in the group, including a collaboration with Dr. George Miley on LPPF’s first experiments at University of Illinois. The press release from the University of New South Wales that lead to the coverage reported on the groups plans, not on any new results. We at LPPF look forward to getting similar publicity with our next new release!



This news piece is part of the February, 2018 report. To download the report click here.








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