Our Experimental Goals

Plasmoid formation | lpp fusion
  1. Achieve the third condition for net energy–sufficient plasma density in the plasmoid (the tiny ball of plasma created by the device)–by:
    • Greatly reducing impurities with beryllium electrodes to bring the density from our current 0.1 milligrams/cm³ to our theoretically-predicted level for pure deuterium which is tens of mg/cm³;
    • Continuing the density increase by mixing in nitrogen, neon or other gases, with the density at this stage reaching hundreds of milligrams/cm³;
    • Increasing the current in the device, which will lead to the ultimate plasma density needed to achieve the fusion net-energy production, a density of the order of grams/cm³.
  2. Achieve billion-gauss magnetic fields in the plasmoids needed for the quantum magnetic field effect.
  3. Demonstrate the quantum magnetic field effect within these billion-gauss magnetic conditions; show its ability to prevent plasmoid cooling caused by X-rays, making possible the net energy burning of pB11 fuel.

See our timelines and milestones page for details on what has been accomplished and which development tasks remain.








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