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Progress and a Good Report

Summary: Experiments this month gave further confirmation of our basic theoretical model of the DPF. ICCD images showed the pinched filament kinking into a plasmoid and

Reliable Firing Achieved

Firing all switches repeatedly and reliably On September 29, we finally achieved repeatable firing of all attached capacitors. That day, and on September 30 and

Switch Problem Resolved

In late August, we received the higher voltage DC power supply for the trigger, which allowed us to increase the voltage of the HV power supply

High Fusion Yields Confirmed

New Calibration Confirms FF-1’s High Fusion Yields Tests in early June have confirmed that FF-1 is producing higher fusion yields than have been achieved with

1 Mega-amp Pinch

After six months of modifying the switches, LPP finally achieved the firing of all 12 switches within 25 ns of each other in four shots

A Great Month for Focus Fusion

At the beginning of March, good shots (those without pre-firing and with pinches) were a bit under 50% of the shots we fired. Since mid-month,

Preliminary Evidence of High-Energy Ions

We have obtained the first preliminary evidence that Focus Fusion- 1, like the Texas A&M machine and PF-1000 in Warsaw, is producing high-energy ions. This evidence

Axial Field Coil, New Switches Assembled

LPPFusion’s research team, working steadily to prepare for the new beryllium electrode experiments, has accomplished two big tasks. First, Research Scientist Dr. Syed Hassan designed

Three men stand in front of Focus Fusion-1 in the experimental room at LPPFusion's Middlesex, NJ facility.

Anode Heating Studies Advance

  Figure 4. Lerner, center, and engineers Gerry Black, left and Mike Ruthemeyer, right, pause for a photo-op in the midst of discussions of ways








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