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Current and Fusion Yield Are Up

We took a big step forward in the past week as we prepare for our proton-boron (or hydrogen-boron) fusion experiments.  We’ve tripled our fusion energy

Scientific Workshop

Next Step in the Debate over the Big Bang A Scientific Workshop Is Cosmic Expansion Valid in the Epoch of JWST? On Friday, Nov. 3,

New Board of Advisors Elected

To help guide us in our business decisions this year, our investors have elected a new Board of Advisors. We congratulate incumbent Board members Rudy

New Videos on Cosmology and Physics

In the eighth episode of “JWST and the Big Bang Never Happened Debate” , LPPFusion Chief Scientist replies to New York Times Opinion piece,  “The

JET Sets New Record, but Shuts Down

In its final set of experiments, the Joint European Torus(JET) in Culham, UK, one of the world’ largest tokamak devices, set a record for fusion

New Parts Ordered for Next Experiments

The LPPFusion research team has now completed ordering the new beryllium anodes we need to replace the one that cracked in November. We’ve redesigned them








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