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Fusion vs Inflation

The acceleration in inflation world-wide has made the need for fusion energy even more urgent. By far the largest factor in present inflation is the

Website Upgrade Underway

Our IT team has reconfigured and migrated our website onto a new server with the latest plugins, and increased security. In the process, we’ve made

Fusion Companies Announce Advances

In February two big government fusion efforts announced advances (see Feb22 report) while in March it was the turn of two private companies. HB11, an

FF-2B Plasma Purity Sets New Record

New measurements by the LPPFusion research team have confirmed that the FF-2B device has achieved a new world record for the purity of a fusion-producing

Fig 1 upper left

Switch Problem Slowdown: Progress Made

The new switches on LPPFusion’s FF-2B experimental fusion device are taking much longer than expected to optimize, but the research team has made progress in

LPPFusion in London Art / Science Show

LPPFusion Chief Scientist Lerner (in front of green door) appears to be virtually transported to London in this image from the Periastra exhibit, using video

New Advances by JET and NIF

The world’s two largest government-funded fusion experiments, the Joint European Torus (JET) in Culham, UK and the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, Ca., both

Kapton Armors the Switches

The LPPFusion team is closing in on the design that will prevent all undesired breakdowns in the switches. The key is a two-layer defense-in-depth covering

Next Wefunder Goal is Half a Million

LPPFusion’s 2022 Wefunder campaign successfully passed $200,000 and we received the first tranche of the cash from the investments.  Thanks to all 275 investors who









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