New Video Series on Crisis in Cosmology

LPPFusion has launched a new video series titled “The Real Crisis in Cosmology—The Big Bang Never Happened”. In this new series of monthly videos, LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric J. Lerner will explore the scientific evidence that the dominant model of cosmology is invalid. Instead, the basic phenomena of the cosmos can be understood without an origin in time for the universe, and without exotic hypothetical entities like inflation, dark energy and dark matter. In the first episode of the series, Lerner focuses on the new work he presented at the January, 2020 meeting of the American Astronomical Society showing that the Big Bang theory of the origin of light elements has been increasingly refuted by data on the abundance of both lithium and helium.

This news piece is part of the January 22, 2020 report. To download the report click here.








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