New Switch Parts Start to Arrive

Parts for the new switches for FF-2B have now started to arrive at our lab in Middlesex, NJ. As explained in the last report, the biggest differences between the new switches and the existing switches are their number and size. Instead of one switch per capacitor in the old design, we will now have two switches, a total of 24. And of course, each switch will be about half as big. This will create a significant boost in current.

We have also received the base of our new anode, described in the last report.

Fig. 1 The top plate of the new smaller switches (two dozen of them) is at far top left, with the old switch top plate next to it for comparison. The central holes are for the spark plugs that trigger the switches (not shown). Two switches will be connected to each capacitor through the new switch holder (top right). Machining marks seen on the switch holder are extremely shallow—the surface feels glass-smooth to the touch. The complete assembly attached to each capacitor will look like the design drawing (bottom.)

This news piece is part of the Nov 12, 2020 report. To download the report click here.









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