New Database Nears Completion

LPP’s new experimental database has nearly been completed. Data from hundreds of FF-1 shots have been automatically processed and converted into a database that allowed comparison of many variables against each other. Each FF-1 shot feeds data to as many as 13 instruments, generating over 50 MBs of data per shot. Thanks to the work of Focus Fusion supporters Reece Arnett in New Zealand and Ivana Karamitsos in NYC, we now have programs that automatically analyze and reduce this data.

The programs take the data from the PMTs and Rogowski coils, measure them, and produce numbers that show the time of each X-ray, neutron and current peak, along with the height, width, and area of each peak. Other programs then sort and rearrange these numbers to produce a big table that has all the data from a single shot on a single row of the table. The work of producing one big table of data is now nearly complete, and we expect more exciting results as we use the database to analyze the data and find the most optimal parameters.








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