Media Coverage Lifts LPPFusion Profile

“Focus fusion is the hottest idea in nuclear energy” was the lead headline on Monday, July 13 on the major news website Asia Times. The story, by Jonathan Tennenbaum, on LPPFusion’s research efforts was the first of a three-part series published that week, with the second part published July 15 and the third July 18. The series highlighted for a large audience in the US, Asia and Europe the advantages of the Focus Fusion approach we are using and our achievement in obtaining record confined ion energies. Over 30,000 people read the articles, and over three thousand clicked through to visit the LPPFusion website.

The coverage set off a wave of other articles the same week. The energy news website reported “Small Lab Makes Big Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion Tech.” Another article appeared in the Russian-language website “Regnum” and still another in Chinese. Two of our videos are now available with Chinese subtitles.

Together with articles on small sites, the coverage brought a wave of interest to LPPFusion, including some investments. We look forward to more media in the future, including more coverage promised in Asia Times.

This news piece is part of the July 27, 2020 report. To download the report click here.









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