LPPFusion Launches Short-Term Capital Drive to Raise $250,000; Longer-Term, X-Scan Device Ready for Sale for Engineering and Commercialization Phase

We want to replace our existing 12 switches with 24 smaller switches in order to increase the current delivered by FF-2B, and the speed of the pulse—how fast the current rises. We expect both will considerably increase fusion yield beyond the goal we have for the present set-up. But this will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

To address our short term and medium-term financial needs, LPPFusion is announcing a series of steps. First, we are launching a short-term capital drive to raise $250,000 by October 1 through our existing share offer. This offer is, by SEC rules, only open to accredited investors, both in the United States and around the world. If you are an accredited investor (net worth more than $1 million or annual income of $200,000), please contact us at invest@lppfusion.com. We will send you the PPM that describes the offering in detail.

While large investments are absolutely essential, their timing is unpredictable. We also need a reliable source of predictable income. The Wright Brothers needed neither government grants nor investors to finance the research that led to the invention of the airplane, because they had their bicycle shop. Right now, we need YOU to be our bicycle shop. We want 2,500 LPPFusion fans to subscribe at $10 a month or more. If we reach this goal, we will have $300,000 a year secured, half our minimum budget.

Every subscriber will be able to participate in a quarterly phone conversation with LPPFusion officers Eric Lerner and Ivy Karamitsos about everything from our lab results to the future fusion society to our public communications and finances. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing the vital resources we need to get fusion energy working everywhere.

At the same time, we are initiating a new campaign to get our spin-off X-Scan technology to market, to provide another steady source of income for our research. The X-Scan technology, already proven in our laboratory and protected by our overall patents, is a method of cheaply scanning infrastructure such as roads and bridges, potentially saving billions in infrastructure repairs. We need an industrial partner who can buy the rights to this technology and work with us to bring it to market. If you have any contacts with companies who would be interested in taking this device to the manufacturing phase please contact us. We will be releasing a new video on this technology shortly.

We know it will still take some time to get X-Scan commercialized. Until then—we need YOU.

This news piece is part of the August, 2019 report. To download the report click here.









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