LPPFusion Launches 2022 Wefunder Capital Campaign

The sun, our local fusion generator, is on high June 21, the Summer Solstice, (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!) so it’s a good day to launch LPPFusion’s 2022 Wefunder campaign, to further fund bringing fusion to earth. As of June 21, once again anyone in the world can invest in our research, with a minimum investment of $200 for one share. Our minimum goal is $200,000 and our maximum $5 million.


Based especially on our new purity record (see April 29 report) the LPPFusion Board of Advisors on June 11, 2022 decided, without dissent, to increase LPPFusion’s share price from $150 to $200 per share. With 324,000 shares outstanding, this increases the LPPFusion valuation to $64.8 million.


This means that since our first sales of shares in 2003, LPPFusion’s shares have now increased 10-fold in price. By comparison, the S&P 500 chare price index has increased 3.6-fold. Of course, we readily admit that our shares are not liquid assets while the S&P500 shares are. They have no guaranteed resale market until we become a publicly traded company. Also, as in all investments, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.


We look forward to seeing many of our newsletter readers on the Wefunder site and will be bringing them regular reports of our progress.









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