LPPFusion ITER Presentation is Online

The presentation by LPPFusion’s Chief Scientist Eric Lerner to the historic Inaugural Private Public Fusion Workshop at the ITER (International Tokamak Experimental Reactor) site in France is now online at LPPFusion’s You Tube channel. This workshop was the first global fusion conference that drew together all the leading private fusion companies with public and university fusion projects. The ITER staff is still planning to post the presentation videos on ITER’s own site, but in the meantime has sent the video to us to post ourselves.

In the presentation, Lerner explained that with our approach of imitating, rather than fighting, natural plasma behavior we’ve achieved the highest temperatures of any fusion experiment and the highest ratios of fusion energy out to device energy in (wall-plug efficiency) of any fusion company for an expenditure of only $10 million.  The tentative observation of record 400 keV (4.4 billion degrees K) electron temperatures first reported in this presentation has now been confirmed in our lab (update on that below).

To keep our work rolling, though, we  need a lot more of what you, dear supporter, can provide: money! We’ve still got $34,000 to go to get to our next goal of $200,000 by July 1. If you have already invested, please circulate the link to our new presentation video to convince others to invest. If you haven’t invested yet—watch the new video (only 15 minutes) and then please invest what you can. Fusion needs you!








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