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Replacing Fossil Fuels with Fusion Energy

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Fusion energy can entirely replace fossil fuels. LPPFusion is on a fast path to developing nuclear fusion generators that will produce safe, clean, unlimited energy, far cheaper energy than any present-day energy source. We call our technology Focus Fusion. It can solve our global environmental challenges and at the same time lift the standard of living for all. Our Focus Fusion generators will:

  • Use pB11 fuel that produces ZERO RADIOACTIVE WASTE
  • Produce only Helium as the by-product of our fusion reactions
  • Have pB11 fuel sources, hydrogen and boron, that are essentially unlimited. They come from regular water, seawater, and boron deposits, and are enough to last billions of years.
  • Decentralize the power grid and reduce dependency on the fragile grid system.

Once developed, our patented, small Focus Fusion generators can save trillions of dollars annually in energy expenses, subsidies, environmental cleanups and health related costs.

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