IndieGoGo Campaign Has Ended

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended with a high 90% funding, $180,279 to be exact.  We are still processing crypto-currency payments but so far they sum up to an additional $2,370, or an additional 1.2%.

We wish to thank everyone for support, help, contributions, outreach, sharing and enthusiasm and belief in what we do. We are continuing the Indiegogo crowdfunding privately on our site with the hope to raise needed funds for not only ongoing experimental parts like beryllium electrodes but also for a phase 1 scientific feasibility.

We have updated our “Crowdfunding Information” page with IGG campaign content in order to keep the contributions coming. We plan on fine tuning some of our pages further for this purpose especially focusing on growing fan and volunteer forces. We can help coordinate educational and promotional events in your local areas given our campaign geographical analytics data. So far we have identified strong groups of supporters in roughly 8 countries, out of a total of over 2,000 IGG contributors. We will keep you up to date on these developments, meanwhile for more interpersonal group contact feel free to visit our sister website, Focus Fusion Society.









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