Fusion Market ,Economic Impact

Distributed Generators


LPPF engineering analysis indicates that 5 MW Focus Fusion reactors could be produced for as low as $300,000 per unit. This is less than one-tenth of the cost of conventional electricity generation units of any style or fuel design. This means that once the prototype is successfully developed, Focus Fusion generators will be the preferred technology for new electrical distributed generation.


More powerful units can be designed by accelerating the pulse repetition rate, although there are limitations due to the amount of waste heat that can be removed from such a small device. It is likely that units larger than 20 MW will be formed by simply stacking smaller units together, with approximately the same cost per kW of generated power.


We can project the eventual market for new electric fusion generators. Current global new electric generation capacity today amounts to about 100 GW per year, averaging over the last decade. We estimate that the introduction of a much cheaper energy source will in fact increase growth of electric consumption considerably. There will also be a significant market for the replacement of existing sources as well.









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