Employment – Unemployment

The nearly $5 TRILLION dollars a year that won’t be spent on energy will be available to spend on other things, creating 100 to 150 MILLION new jobs worldwide to produce those new goods and services. This will not just be more and better consumer goods, like more organically and cleaner-grown food, but more money for schools, hospitals, mass transportation, repairs of our infrastructure and environmental clean-up of our land, air and water.   Yes, there will be considerable reduction in jobs in oil, gas and coal. But at the moment there are only about 12 million jobs in the energy sector globally, a small fraction of the new jobs that will be created with Focus Fusion. The great majority of these workers are highly skilled and with retraining will be in demand for the new industries and services that can be paid for with the five trillion dollars no longer going toward overpriced energy and the bloated profits of the energy companies.









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