Fusion Poem and New Song Contest

A while back we asked focus fusion fans to send in songs and poetry about our project. We got some submissions, but well, we were really, really busy, and somehow, we did not get around to announcing the winner of our contest. Whoops—very sorry! But better late than never so here is the winner, a limerick by Gregory N. Ranky.

There once was a researcher for fusion,
Who was told his plans were a delusion.
But with tight plasma arcs,
He ignored those remarks,
And achieved a worldwide solution.

Congratulations, Gregory!

To make up for our lapse in memory we are announcing a new contest and we will be sure to announce the winner on time! This contest, to conclude Nov. 1, is a song parody contest. A song parody takes a popular song (from any epoch) and alters the lyrics for a new purpose—in this case something relevant to fusion.

Send your submission to fusionfan@lppfusion.com. Use “Contest” as the subject of the e-mail so we can easily find it.

This news piece is part of the September, 2019 report. To download the report click here.









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