Fund-A Shot Donors, Investors Supply Needed Funds

Donors and investors both sharply increased funding for Focus Fusion research at LPPFusion in the last month. The Fund-a-Shot fundraising drive netted over $15,700 in the last month, a ten-fold increase over the monthly contributions in the previous few months. At the same time investments in LPPFusion’s latest stock offering increased by $240,000. Our sincere thanks to those who have shown confidence in our work towards clean, cheap and safe energy.

We attribute much of the increase to renewed interest in our work as we have, after a seven month hiatus, resumed firing FF-1. The donations alone constitute almost 30% of our average monthly expenses and covered most of the shots we’ve fired so far. If this level could be maintained, the donations would enable LPPFusion to hire an additional laboratory researcher, considerably speeding our efforts.

On the investment side, we now have $315,000 in shares available to qualified investors before we hit the $1 million a year ceiling set by our current offering. If we reach that ceiling, we intend to move on to a different type of offering with a $5 million a year ceiling, requiring a financial audit.

Many individuals have asked us about the impact of the newly-implemented US securities rules that allow small investors to invest in non-public share offerings like LPPFusion’s. Such investments must, under the new rules, be channeled through certain approved “platforms,” which function for such investments the way crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo function for donations. Right now, we are looking to see if any of the new platforms is suitable for LPPFusion shares. If one is, we then have to apply to be accepted by that platform—not an automatic process. At that point, our shares would be available to all small investors. We’ll keep everyone informed as this process proceeds (within the limits imposed by these rules on advertising!)

This news piece is part of the May, 2016 report. To download the report click here.









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