Focus Fusion Progress Attracts Local, International Attention

UK, Russian, and hometown media shine spotlight on plasma physics

LPPF’s progress in testing the feasibility of Focus Fusion is garnering attention in a steadily growing number of media outlets, helping to increase awareness and understanding of this promising technology.  Building on LPPF’s publication of record temperature fusion confinement in Physics of Plasmas, Mark Halper informed his SmartPlanet readers of the “Fusion Breakthrough,” along with chief scientist Eric Lerner’s “Fusion for Peace” initiative.

Coverage by the Russian news agency RT received a very enthusiastic response, with over 4,000 “recommends” while triggering a healthy discussion on Reddit.  A report by RT’s Anastasia Churkina is embedded below.  Especially fun for the LPPF team was to go to the local newsstand and see team members pictured on the front page of not one but two papers, the Home News Tribune and Courier News, both MyCentralJersey publications.  Thanks to reporting there by MaryLynn Schiavi, word of the potential fusion fast forward reached the UK as Richard Chirgwin at the Register picked up the story.  Trevor Curwin noted “Nuclear Fusion Edges Closer to Commercialization” at CNBC.

On top of the scientific publication itself, this coverage has been a very nice morale booster for our team, and we are very appreciative of all these journalists’ efforts.  More coverage is expected, so stay tuned to @LPPFusion on Twitter for breaking developments.








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