Focus Fusion in the Media

While this report overlooked it in our Jan. 22 edition, on Jan. 3, 2016, the Chicago Tribune ran an editorial pointing to privately–funded fusion power initiatives, including LPPFusion’s, as possible solutions to the world’s energy problems. The editorial, entitled “Will a private-sector fusion solution meet all of our energy needs?”, critiqued long-term skepticism about fusion in light of the rapid progress achieved recently in the fusion field, quipping, “What sounds too good to be true just might be…true.” It continued: “Now comes new reason for hope: a slew of private-sector startup companies are racing helter-skelter to deliver what university and government researchers have not…As this private-sector effort accelerates, expect to begin hearing the names of now-obscure companies—Industrial Heat, Tokamak Energy, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Helion Energy and others hoping to become as dominant in their nascent field as Westinghouse (1886) and General Electric (1892) were in the early electrical industry.”

Focus Fusion also appeared in Commentary magazine’s March 16, 2016 issue. In a letter to the editor, LPPFusion Board of Advisors member Alvin Samuels pointed out that the water shortage in the Middle East could be solved by desalination of sea water with the unlimited cheap energy that Focus Fusion would make possible.

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