Focus Fusion December 2012 Updates

  • Arcing problem looks solved, leak delays new tests
  • Photos confirm plasmoid structure
  • SESAME’s Israel-Iran cooperation shows Fusion for Peace is no pipe dream


Summary: Two shots with no arcing indicate the problem is solved, although more proof is needed. A leak held up key tests while we implement a solution. Analysis of photos taken in October confirms our understanding of plasmoid structure. The SESAME physics cooperation project, involving both Israel and Iran, shows that intergovernmental research like our Fusion for Peace proposal is feasible politically.


Arcing appears to be solved for now, but a leak causes delay


Two shots fired by LPP’s FF-I dense plasma focus on Nov. 13 may have signaled the end of a months-long effort to overcome arcing within the device. Arcing, the uncontrolled jump of electric current between two conductors which leads to vaporization of the metals, has interfered with our efforts to achieve symmetric compression of the plasma and the high densities we need for higher fusion yields. By November 10th, we had installed a new all-tungsten cathode plate to eliminate arcing within the former hybrid plate, which consisted of a tungsten ring of teeth vacuum brazed to a copper plate. See full report









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