Final Stage of Assembly Begins

On January 28, 2019 we began the final stage of assembly of our new beryllium electrodes, transferring the beryllium anode into our nitrogen-filled glove box to protect us from any contact with beryllium dust and to protect the anode from water vapor and oxygen in the air. Inside the glove box, we will connect the anode through a layer of indium to the silver-coated steel bus plate. We expect final assembly to go fairly quickly and hope to start firing the device before our next progress report.

LPPF Research Scientist Dr. Syed Hassan (left) holds the newly-unsealed beryllium anode, with shipping label still attached, inside the safety glove box. He holds the 1-kg anode easily in one hand, as the beryllium anode is ten times lighter than the previous tungsten anode (although it shares the same silver-grey color). Dr. Hassan and Chief Scientist Lerner (right) are wearing protective gear as back-up in the unlikely event of any tears in the multi-layer glove box gloves. Photo credit: Ivy Karamitsos, Director of Communications and CIO









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