Dr. Syed Hassan Joins LPPFusion Research Team

Dr. Syed Hassan, a plasma physicist with more than 18 years of experience with the dense plasma focus device has joined LPPFusion’s research team as a Research Physicist. Dr. Hassan received his PhD. from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he also designed the medium-size DPF for the Imperial College London. From 2007 to 2010, as a Marie Curie Fellow and HiPER fellow, he performed experiments with plasma focus and X-pinch devices he had constructed for the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece. Dr. Hassan has also an extensive experience in laser produced plasma generation and interaction of radiation with matter at extreme conditions. Most recently he was a Research Associate at the School of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University. He has both designed plasma focus devices and has innovated diagnostic instruments for the device.  We welcome Dr. Hassan and look forward to his contributions to the experimental work.

Dr. Syed hassan- research physicist
Dr. Syed Hassan- Research Physicist









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