Crowdfunding Rewards Are Shipped

After some delays due to under-staffing and summer doldrums, which LPP Fusion apologizes for, the rewards to our almost 2,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding supporters have finally been shipped, or will be by the end of next week. Thanks to LPP Administrative Assistant John Harhai for a lot of work and to LPP Chief Information Officer Ivy Karamitsos for some vital organizing.

We are currently postponing video and in-person tours of the LPPFusion lab until we have re-assembled and are operating FF_1. However, if you are due a tour as a reward and want one earlier, while we are still assembling, please contact us to request it at If we have a few requests we will schedule some early tours.

As of today, all donors should be receiving this newsletter.



Plasma Portraits—emails will be completed early next week


Plant 5 Trees—ordered

T-shirts—shipping next week


Ferrofluids (all colors)—shipped

Gaskets—shipping next week

Lightning sculptures—shipped

All $1,000 and up donors have been thanked in our monthly reports. We expect to order a plaque honoring the $2500 and $5000 donors next week. We will be thanking our $5,000 donors again by name when we publish our results based on their funding.

If you do not have your rewards in the next two weeks (for those in the US, where we are shipping from) or in the next 4 weeks (for those elsewhere) please notify us.









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