Boron-Fusion Interest at Germany Conference

Last March, LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner attended the Open Academy annual conference in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The conference brings together scientists, engineers, and other academics with activists seeking to change society for the better, especially stopping the ongoing environmental catastrophes. He was invited to give a presentation on the collapse of the Big Bang/cosmic expansion theory and the connections between this research and the urgent development of fusion energy.

Lerner’s presentation started a lively discussion, which continued through the six-day conference, both about the evolution of the universe, but especially about hydrogen-boron fusion. While many participants were familiar with fusion energy research, they all associated it with the giant ITER project in France and deuterium-tritium fuel, which produces abundant destructive neutrons. Not surprisingly, hydrogen-boron fuel, which produces no neutrons from the main reaction and no radioactive waste at all, was news to them and there was a lot of interest in it. One participant who asked for more information was a Member of the German Parliament for the Green Party, currently part of the governing coalition.

LPPFusion will be providing the participants of the conference (and everyone else through our website) with an updated fact sheet on hydrogen-boron fusion as the only realistic alternative that can completely replace fossil fuels.

Another positive aspect of the conference was the discussion by several participants of problems in scientific methods. As many of LPPFusion videos on astrophysics have emphasized, only correct scientific method can yield valid results. But the unscientific Ptolemaic method that has so infected cosmology is not the only problem, as a number of speakers emphasized. Some methods that can produce valid science, such as reductionism, also fail by limiting scientific discussion and impeding progress on complex problems, including how to stop and reverse damage to the environment.

Finally, the conference, conducted almost entirely in German, reminded us at LPPFusion of the need to get our message out in more languages than English. It’s easy now to instantly translate our pages to any language, but until we get more material in other languages onto our website, it won’t show up in foreign-language search engines. So, we’ll be working on that over the coming weeks and months.








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