Board of Advisors Welcomes Al Samuels

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is pleased to welcome long-time LPP investor Alvin Samuels to our Advisory Board.  Mr. Samuels has many years of extensive experience in oil-drilling engineering, well-head treating of gas and hydrocarbons, and research and development.  As a Staff Drilling Engineer for the Shell Oil Company, Offshore West Division, and advisor to their deep-drilling study group, Mr. Samuels has ensured the safety of some of the most dangerous wells ever drilled, while recognizing that incidents like the Deepwater Horizon spill mean we must move beyond fossil fuels.

Post-Shell, Mr. Samuels went on an entrepreneurial tear, founding Ironite Products Company, Gas Sweetener Associates, and The Sulfatreat Company.  He was directly involved in every aspect of research, development, marketing and sales.  He holds more than twenty patents related to reactions with hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, oxygen and various iron oxide compounds.  Al has proven experience in guiding a start-up to exit, as he was instrumental in selling his company to major oilfield service provider Smith International (now Schlumberger).

His extensive career in both the field and the factory, his hands-on experience with new, unproven technology, and his confidence in the promise of LPP’s Focus Fusion will make Al an invaluable partner in our success.









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