Bloomberg News Covers X-Scan

The lhd stellarator | lpp fusion

On January 24, Bloomberg News service reported on LPPFusion’s important spin-off technology, the X-scan inspection technology. In an article titled, “Fusion Tech in Medicine, Industry May  Fund Path to Power Plants” journalist Will Wade wrote that LPPFusion’s  “ plasma focus system can be configured to emit an intense X-ray beam. The device could be mounted on a truck and used to examine infrastructure such as roads and bridges to find defects that need to be repaired. The company says this X-Scan technology could provide revenue as it seeks to build a commercial fusion power plant based on the same plasma focus technology.“

LPPFusion is continuing to look for suitable partners to develop this technology already proven in the lab into a commercial product. We’d like this to be our equivalent of the Wright Brother’s bicycle shop for income!

The news coverage in a major wire service is part of an increased media interest in LPPFusion which we hope will soon include our news about being fastest to fusion.









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