Asia Times Covers Fusion-Cosmology Links in Lerner Interview

In another step in increasing LPPFusion’s media profile, Asia Times is running a four-part interview with LPPFusion Chief Scientist Lerner. The series, titled “The Big Bang Never Happened, but Fusion Will” ties together Lerner’s research in cosmology and fusion—something that has not been done before in any mass media coverage. As readers of our website and reports know, the theories guiding our improvements on the Dense Plasma Focus device came out of research applying processes observed in the DPF to astrophysical objects like quasars.

In just the first day after publication online, the article was read 200,000 times. The initial article is available for free, but the last three parts will be behind a pay-wall. Asia Times will allow them to be viewed by non-subscribers for $5.

LPPFusion is continuing to release new videos in the “Real Crisis in Cosmology” series, explaining how the Big Bang hypothesis is wrong and what the alternative is. Episodes 3, 4 and 5 are now released on our YouTube channel and episode 6 soon will be.

This news piece is part of the Nov 12, 2020 report. To download the report click here.









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