$330,000 Donation to Focus Fusion Society Funds Research

Long-time LPPF investors Walter Rowntree and his wife Laura Reynolds have made a generous donation of a third of a million dollars in stocks to the Focus Fusion Society, the tax-exempt non-profit devoted to aneutronic fusion research. Eighty-five percent of the donation’s value will be used for a research grant from FFS to LPPFusion to accelerate our research. The remainder will fund FFS in carrying out other aneutronic fusion research as well as education about aneutronic fusion.


In a letter to fellow LPPF investors, Walter and Laura emphasize the benefits of contributing appreciated shares to FFS: “So we thought, ‘Why not give a bunch to charity before we die, and harvest the tax benefits for ourselves?’  Whoopee!  Everybody wins.  How much? Giving shares in this way avoids 15% capital gains tax and creates a charitable deduction worth about another 20%, a total of 35%. Put it another way, give appreciated shares and the IRS will chip in a dollar for every two dollars you actually give. The government should be investing in LPPF anyway!”


We at LPPF greatly thank Walter and Laura for their very generous donation. We will be giving them a surprise unique gift in recognition of this donation. This gift will be revealed in the next report, so stay tuned!



This news piece is part of the August, 2018 report. To download the report click here.









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