Business Road Map

Phase I:

Build on progress of past 3 years and continue enhancing LPPs DPF research device Focus Fusion – 1 until it has achieved Fusion Breakeven Milestone.

With adequate funding LPP projects net fusion output in 1 – 2 years.   Having proved feasibility, assemble grants and investment capital to fund Phase II.


Phase II:

Expand staff and facilities and begin engineering development of a prototype continuously operating Focus Fusion generator.   Contract out some system development to engineering companies with best in class expertise in  necessary technologies.  Add to patents/intellectual property.  Estimated duration 3 – 4 years.


Phase III:

Negotiate non exclusive licensing agreements with several large international high tech companies to manufacture LPP design fusion power units.  LPP will provide consulting services to licensees as they refine their commercial designs prior to mass production.  At some time in Phase III LPP expects to engage an investment bank to manage an Initial Public Offering (IPO).